Our Story

Digital Forests are a long time coming story. It incubated for a long time as an open question between the three of us, founders. We were bewildered on how we can participate in a fight for the environment’s preservation and proliferation. Existing projects are mostly based on small donations, where you are sidelined in a way, with no means to actively participate in a project. At the same time, everyday engagements of a couple of us made us a part of the team which developed a software suite for securities digitized assets in 2021, which used blockchain for exchange of digital asset/token. That very same year our first plantation of fast growing industrial culture was erected. And last, but not the least, the Digital Assets Act became a binding law in Serbia, which acted as a signal of sorts for the three of us that we should put our ideas into motion. 

Our Vision

To enable individuals from around the world to act on environment preservation while maintaining the core value of our time – economic viability. 

Our Mission

To create a global reaching platform on which vast surfaces of trees are digitized as tokens and offered to everyone for purchase. Keeping the token leads to gain of sorts for the holder. 

Our Mind Power

Growing crypto forests requires diverse skill set, meet our team

Pavle Spasojević
PhD in Chemical Engineering Legislation and Processes
Nikola Dulić
M.Sc. in Software engineering Management and Engineering
Goran Matijašević
M.Sc. in Management Finance and Marketing